Anyone with acne problems is no doubt familiar with the treatment of red and blue light. Today we are going to discuss with you about LED Face Mask and its role, as well as whether it is really effective for the treatment of acne vulgare and rosary acne and the appearance improvement of facial wrinkles.

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  LED Face Mask is a light emitting diode as the light source. Dermatologists use LED light for auxiliary treatment of some specific skin diseases. (The emphasis here is on adjuvant therapy, because LED light has only a moderate therapeutic effect on skin diseases. When an LED device is used in combination with an oral medication or an external application of a drug (photosensitizer), it is called photodynamic therapy. In clinical treatment, photodynamic therapy has a powerful effect, and there are many clinical cases showing that photodynamic therapy has a good effect in the treatment of skin diseases such as early and middle stage skin cancer.We don't want to go into the details of photodynamic therapy, but what I want to talk about here is whether or not Newkey LED Face Mask really works.

  Newkey LED Face Mask can emit visible light of different visible wavelengths. Note that ultraviolet and infrared rays are the light that we cannot see with the naked eye. It is ultraviolet rays that cause skin tanning, sunburn and even cancer, so Newkey LED Face Mask will not cause skin tanning. Home LED devices emit visible light at specific wavelengths corresponding to the different colors we see with our naked eyes. Why are the different colors of visible light emitted by Newkey LED Face Mask important for the therapeutic effect? Because different wavelengths of visible light can reach different depths of the skin to achieve different therapeutic effects. In other words, different colors of light can have different effects on the skin. The visible light used for LED phototherapy is generally divided into blue light, yellow light and red light.


  Normally, blue light has a wavelength of about 415 nanometres, and blue light can penetrate as far as 1 millimeter inside the skin, meaning it can reach the top layer of our skin. Using blue light can help treat acne because the bacteria in the skin that causes acne, Propionibacterium acnes, is very sensitive to blue light.

  In addition, LED Face Mask can also emit yellow light, the wavelength of yellow light is about 570-670 nanometers, yellow light can penetrate to the inside of the skin 0.5-2 mm, so the yellow light can pass through the most superficial layer of our skin to reach the deep structure of the skin - dermal papilla layer. Due to the abundance of blood vessels in the dermal papilla layer, yellow light can help treat facial symptoms of redness.

  Finally, red light, which has a wavelength of about 630-700 nanometers, penetrates deeper into the skin than yellow light, so red light is more specific to skin diseases that occur mostly in hair follicles. Due to its strong penetrating power, red light can not only be used to treat acne, but also widely used to improve the symptoms of photoaging.

  Blue light alone can improve acne skin and help to treat acne. Blue light reduces propionibacterium acnes in the skin, which in turn reduces skin-related inflammation. In one study, acne patients treated with blue light for 8 weeks showed a significant reduction in the number of inflammatory responses. It's worth noting, however, that using LED blue light alone, while helpful in reducing inflammation, had no effect on blackheads. Blue light is only for inflammatory acne or acne. The biggest benefit of using Newkey LED Face Mask for acne treatment is that there are almost no serious side effects. The most common side effects are dryness, itching or redness of the exposed area for a period of time. These adverse effects will disappear spontaneously after a period of cessation of exposure. In addition, pregnant women with acne can safely use Newkey LED Face Mask for treatment.

  Here again, Newkey LED Face Mask alone is not ideal for acne treatment. For the treatment of acne, Newkey LED Face Mask needs to be combined with other treatments to achieve satisfactory results. In other words, Newkey LED Face Mask can moderately improve acne symptoms, especially red and swollen inflammatory acne, but cannot fundamentally cure acne. Of course, if you have severe acne symptoms, especially inflammatory acne, use Newkey LED Face Mask blue light irradiation for a period of time, may receive significant results.

  The use of yellow LED light has been shown to modestly improve facial redness and rosacea. But it has no effect on the pimples and bumps on rosacea. Similarly, yellow treatments can only provide modest results at best, and don't expect Newkey LED Face Mask irradiation to cure facial redness and rosacea.

  For the treatment of photoaging, the combination of blue light and red light irradiation can improve the facial fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging caused by photoaging, and improve the skin firmness to a certain extent. However, Newkey LED Face Mask irradiation is not a substitute for necessary medication, nor can it achieve the effect of laser therapy.

  Have you heard that a lot of skincare products are promoting protection against blue light these days? The aging of human facial skin is related to blue light to some extent. Blue light can promote hyperpigmentation of the skin, so for people who have chloasma or are prone to black pigmentation as they recover from acne, blue light can aggravate the spots and pigmentation. So, the treatment of acne in the end can choose Newkey LED Face Mask irradiation? In fact, the process of skin pigmentation is related to the time and intensity of visible light exposure. Regular hospitals and regular equipment issued by the treatment of LED blue light, the frequency and intensity of the general will not cause color spots and pigment aggravation. On the contrary, prolonged exposure to sunlight can aggravate the photoageing process.

  Finally, I'm glad to see that you like the Newkey LED Face Mask. I believe that Newkey LED Face Mask can bring a better life to every girl who is troubled by skin.

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